Sunday, November 29, 2009

I have been sewing, really I have!

I don't know why I keep forgetting to blog the projects I've been working on! But I will be participating in Sew Mama Sew's Giveaway Day on December 2, so I figured I should have something posted more recently than Halloween!

I've been going to my weekly sewing class, which I love. Tomorrow night is the last session, and I will miss it so much until it starts up again in late January! It's so nice to have dedicated time with fellow sewing enthusiasts. Not to mention the HUGE cutting tables in the classroom, and no threat of wandering toddlers waiting for an opportunity to grab the pin cushion and run.

Most of this session's classes have been taken up by my attempt at Simplicity 3673, View C.
I am using the Posey fabric from Denyse Schmidt's County Fair line, in the "raisin" color. It's the 3rd from the bottom in that link. I adore this fabric and I'm loving how this dress is turning out. I had to make a few changes to the pattern to fit my body type, and I am SO proud that I was able to do that (with a lot of help from my wonderful sewing teacher, of course!) A year ago I could barely sew a button, so this dress, though far from perfect, feels like a real accomplishment. I hope to finish it tomorrow night and I will post all the details then!

Aside from the dress, most of my sewing for the past few weeks and for the next few weeks will be Christmas related! I'm participating in a handmade gift swap at The Fabric Obsession, I've got about a dozen fleece shrugs to make for the older members of the family (and one for myself!), a pair of Princess Tiana dresses for my daughter and her BFF, a car organizer for one nephew, a pair of lap quilts for my other two nephews, bags for my mom and mother in law, appliqued t-shirts for a friend's children, and... Oh dear, how many days until Christmas??? The only Christmas gift that is completely finished is a fuchsia fairy printed Snuggie for my 4 year old!

Here is one recent finished project, with a pair of terrible pictures! This is the ModKid Julia pattern and it was so much fun to make. I am already dreaming of more fabric combinations to try with this. And best of all, the kiddo loves it!

Come back on Wednesday, December 2 to check out my giveaway and LOTS of other great giveaways through Sew Mama Sew.