Monday, June 6, 2011

Sliced Coins Quiltalong

I finished my version of Don't Call Me Betsy's Sliced Coins Quiltalong a while back, but never posted about it.  I cut out all the pieces at home but then didn't bring the instructions with me to the sewing lab, so I just made it up!  My machine at home had been acting up and I really wanted to get it done before it's intended recipient was born.  So, mine only has three stacks and most in the Flickr Group seem to have 4, but it works!  This photo was before I put the binding on, I bound it in the zig zaggy print and it looked really cool!  I did manage to get it done before my friend had her baby, but I just gave it to her this weekend.... The baby is 4 months old!  Oops!

Sliced Coins