Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Last Minute Sewing... Goodbye Machine!

Tomorrow morning we're embarking on a month-long trip, starting off with a 16 hour drive. With a five year old and a two year old! Yep, we're a little bit crazy. Now that a month with no sewing machine is upon me, I am thinking of tons of little projects I "need" to finish before we leave.

This morning I whipped up these two travel pillows for my daughters. We're firmly in the "that's not fair" phase, so everything must be identical! The fabric was from the stash, and the girls chose it together. One side is flannel so it will be nice and soft while they (hopefully!) snooze in the car.

We had a surprise this morning when my 5yo announced that her tooth hurt. She was eating an apple and I thought she must have a piece of peel stuck or something. I checked and she has a loose tooth!!! I thought I had at least a few months before we started down this path! Since we're going to be away from home for so long, I'm assuming the tooth will be out before we come back, so of course I had to make a tooth fairy pillow to bring along. I modeled these after some that my Aunt Eunice made for me and my siblings. They are basically a mini blanket with a little pocket on the front. Here's hoping the tooth fairy can find us wherever we happen to be when the tooth comes out!
The pink is from my Momo Wonderland layer cake, and the back is Michael Miller Sea Beauties, which is also on the pocket. Allison LOVES that fabric, and I scoured the internet for enough yardage to make her a duvet cover. We haven't gotten around to that yet, but we did make her a pillowcase with it.

In addition to these little projects, I recently finished what ended up being a MAJOR project, a Butterick 5319 that I'm planning to wear to a wedding in August. Hopefully I'll get some decent pictures at the wedding that I can share here. It was quite an undertaking!!!

I also drafted a quilt top for my grandfather. I was pretty proud of myself on this one, I used graph paper and did math and everything! Just like most other quilt tops I've made, this one is still just a top, but I'm hoping to get it pin basted tonight so I can hand quilt it on the trip!

Here's a bad cell phone pic of my design. Those are Swedish flags.

And here's the finished top- Sorry for another cell phone pic. These are all Kona solids. The blue is too dark for the Swedish flag, but it's not as dark as it looks here.

I'll be bringing my hexagons with me, so hopefully that will take care of my crafty needs for the next month!!!