Thursday, March 3, 2011

Remember the Fat Quarterly Quiltalong?

I started the Fat Quarterly Quiltalong way back in September- I had my blocks done and the design laid out... But then Halloween came, and then Christmas, and finally in February I picked this back up!  I got it put together and basted last week and finished binding it last night.  Washed it and dried it this morning and it's finally done!

As they always are for me, pictures were a challenge- It didn't help that the wind was blowing.  Going, going... gone! You can see the vintage sheet I used for the backing in this "action" shot!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

February Bag for Style Stitches Challenge!

I finished this bag WAY back at the beginning of February but never blogged it!  It's Amy Butler's Reversible Everyday Shopper from the Style Stitches book.  The fabric is from Ikea and the bag has already traveled to Hawaii... sadly, not with me.  This was a gift for my friend Joyce who was lucky enough to escape winter for a few days. 

The inside is the same fabrics in reverse.  I like the nice big pockets, I was thinking she could use it for her larger knitting projects and keep a magazine or pattern book in the pocket!

I made one of these as a Christmas gift as well, for my father in law's wife.  She's a 2nd grade teacher- I come from a family of teachers and one thing I know for sure is that teachers make good use of lots of big bags!  I love this pattern, the cutting takes a while but it goes together in a snap.  One of these days I'll  have to make one for myself!

Next up in the Style Stitches Monthly Bag Challenge is the Origami Bag- a collection of zippered pouches in a range of sizes.  Fun!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sew Fresh Fabrics Scrap Quilting Bee

I finished and mailed off my blocks for the Sew Fresh Fabrics Scrap Quilting Bee!  As I mentioned before, the scraps were provided by Sew Fresh Fabrics and we were each to make one block from them- We got to keep the spares!  I got two blocks out of my scraps, and I'm pretty happy with them!  The completed quilts will be donated to Project Linus.  Yay!

My first wonky star:

And not-my-first log cabin: