Thursday, November 4, 2010

Amy Butler's Reversible Everyday Shopper

Did you ever notice that when people post about meeting Amy Butler, they always comment on how tall she is?  Every year when all those lucky shop owners go to Quilt Market and share their wonderful pictures, there she is looking statuesque and glamorous.  So maybe that's why many of her bags are SO BIG!  I've made the Modern Diaper Bag and my 5 year old could sit inside!  I love this, because I like knowing the bags can take anything I throw at them.  So when I started cutting out the Reversible Everyday Shopper from the new Style Stitches book, I knew I was headed for another mega-bag.  Yes, I could have learned this by reading the measurements first, but doesn't that take away some of the fun?

This bag is destined to be a Christmas gift, but I won't say who it's for so it can still be a bit of a surprise!


  1. I love this bag, and I L O V E the fabric! Simply gorgeous! Whoever is getting this as a gift is one lucky duck! :D

  2. Love this one!! That's so funny about her bags being so big. Maybe it is because she's so tall.


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