Saturday, November 13, 2010

Amy Butler Gum Drop Pillow

Here's another project that's been in the "almost done" phase for quite a while and I finally finished!

It's Amy Butler's Gum Drop Pillow, in the 24" size.  It was a cinch to make and really fun.  The hold up on finishing it was that it takes an INCREDIBLE amount of stuffing!  I probably could've gotten another bag in there and made it really nice and firm.  As it is it has a good amount of give and the girls love it for rolling, lounging and jumping.  The pattern calls for 10 bags of fiberfil- I'm not sure exactly how much I used because I had a few grocery bags full of remnants of other bags, some throw pillows that had torn that I'd saved the stuffing from, etc.  

The fabric was a clearance fabric shower curtain from Target-- Trolling those clearance end caps in the home furnishings department often pays off big time!  I get sheet sets for under $5, shower curtains for around $3... Just think of the yardage in a full size sheet set!

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  1. This looks great ! And so does the little princess.


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