Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A dress becomes a skirt

This adorable t-shirt dress was a gift to Lizzie when she was about a year and a half old.  It includes some of my favorite-ever fabrics, and she has worn it way beyond what's reasonable- it had basically become a mini dress when I decided something needed to be done.

So last week I took action.  I cut off the top, leaving about two inches of the knit fabric.  I sewed it to the inside to make a casing, threaded in some 1/2" elastic and voila!  A skirt that will get at least another year or two of wear!
 I'm adding this to Fabric Tuesday over at Quilt Story!
Fresh Poppy Design


  1. That's a great idea!! And the skirt is as cute as ever (especially on an adorable little girl)!

  2. I think it improves with age! It is very suited to being a skirt. Lovely, and beautiful little model too.

  3. Genius idea! And I love those fabrics too :) Thanks for linking up, see you next week!


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