Sunday, November 21, 2010

Friday Night Sew-In

My Friday Night Sew-In time was pretty limited.  I had to go see the new Harry Potter movie!  And then not long after I got home my three year old woke up and would not go back to sleep without Mommy.  She's got the sniffles and I couldn't refuse her, and of course I ended up falling asleep too!

So here's what I did manage to get done.  I'm making a Kwik Sew robe for my five year old out of this fun rainbow fleece.

I've got an old pattern, but it looks like it's basically the same as the current Kwik Sew 2705.  The mornings are getting really chilly and the poor kid has to get up before the sun to get ready for school!  This is not a household of morning people, so this has been a big adjustment for all of us!  She'll get the robe for Christmas to help make the cold mornings a little more cheerful!  I am very nearly finished, I just have to put the trim around the neck and down the front, around the sleeves, and then make the belt!  I'll share pictures when it's all finished.

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  1. That fabric looks like so much fun! Im sure it'll help the mornings feel a little less dreary. Thanks for sharing your progress for FNSI.


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