Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our Advent Calendar

I made this Advent calendar just as I was beginning to learn to sew- For some reason I thought sewing all the little pockets on by machine would be really complicated, so it is all hand-stitched!  Even around the edges of the tree itself.  I embroidered or embellished each little pocket by hand.  It's inspired (read: blatantly copied) from the Telluride Advent Calendar from Pottery Barn (pictured here).  The girls LOVE it and can't wait to start checking the pockets tomorrow morning (after I iron it a bit and find a sturdier way to hang it)!

And today is November 30... That means I completed NaBloPoMo!!!  I can't believe I found something to say every. single. day!   Thanks for reading, and hopefully this will prompt me to continue posting more often... Just maybe not every day!


  1. Way to go on completing the NaBloPoMo! I love the advent hanging too. I think if I start sewing one now, it just might be ready for next year. =)

  2. I love your Advent calendar! How cool to hear it's all hand-stitched. That must be so nice to hang it up to showcase all your work. Those pockets are so adorable. Have fun filling it!


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