Friday, November 12, 2010

Fat Quarterly Quiltalong

I am not a fan of UFOs.  And yet somehow they seem to be a necessary part of sewing, at least for me!  I joined the Fat Quarterly Quiltalong, got my blocks all cut and pieced, laid them out just right.... and then Halloween came along.  And now I'm getting mired in Christmas sewing.  And those poor little blocks still sit in a pile, waiting to become a quilt. It's extra frustrating because it's getting downright chilly here and I'd love to have this quilt all ready to curl up under with a cup of tea and a good book.  I thought the least I could do for these neglected squares was to share them in their current state.  Maybe I'll surprise myself and finish up the holiday sewing early and I'll get to work on a little Christmas gift to me!

 (See that orange spot on the carpet at the top left-- That's where we dropped the paint roller while painting the den.  Yep, we really like orange!  And we still haven't replaced the terrible terrible carpet.  Sigh.)


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