Saturday, May 8, 2010


I am not a big coffee drinker- When I do drink it it's usually an icy frothy creamy confection from Starbucks that barely qualifies as coffee. But I have this great old percolator coffee maker that belonged to my grandparents. It makes THE best coffee, but my favorite part is when it's brewing, you can see the coffee bubbling and dancing in the little glass knob on top. It sounds so cheerful!!!
So that has absolutely nothing to do with sewing, but that percolatin' feeling is how my sewing life has been lately! I have lots of things going, lots of fun smaller projects finished up, and I'm feeling excited about all of it!

I made two more ModKid Emma skirts for my friend Joyce. I used wooly nylon in the serger for the first time and I absolutely LOVE how it looks in the rolled hem on the skirts' "petals." And I grabbed that knitting book for her at a garage sale for ONE dollar! Joyce is an amazing knitter, I swear she has magical knitting needles.

I also made this Tabitha bag from Flossie Teacakes' pattern for my sister. I bought the pattern from the CraftHope Etsy shop. It was a lot of fun to make, and some of the instructions have become trademark sayings with my sewing group- Such as, "This is a precision moment!" Love it! This was fun for me because I have very different taste from my sis-- This wasn't one I could make from stash fabric, as I had NO solid black fabric at all! Nor zebra. And she sent me pics of Juicy Couture bags because she wanted a bow. Apparently bows on bags are a "thing" now. I had no idea. Hope she likes it!

I have a couple of dresses for myself underway, and even have one almost finished! It's the Prairie Girl dress from Favorite Things, in Amy Butler's Memento fabric. I've got a few tweaks to make to the fitting, and then I'll post pics.

Lastly, I had a fun shopping day today! I went to the annual warehouse sale at Nancy's Notions. I think their demographic skews a little older than my taste (lots of converted sweatshirts and more traditional quilt patterns), but there is still lots to find at great prices! I got a few patterns, this nifty bobbin tower, and loads of fabric. And I picked up two kits to make this Posie Pots table runner:
And guess what? I bought two. I certainly don't need two. Guess what else? Sew, Mama, Sew's Giveaway Day is coming up on May 17! Watch this space!!!


  1. Cute bag! I hope your sister likes it. Thanks again for making me those skirts for the girls! =)

  2. Love that bag! I am going to join in the giveaway day too I just have to decide what to put up! :) I can't wait to see your dresses and love those Mod kid skirts too. I so need a serger.

  3. Did I ever get back to you about the Emma pattern? I'm pretty sure I saw it on your blog first. I just finished it up:

    Those skirts look so darling! Now I think I may have to make some coordinating skirts for my nieces. :)


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