Friday, December 17, 2010

Extra Giveaway Prize and Procraftination Conquered!

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I said if I hit 100 followers before the giveaway ended, I'd add a third prize... So here it is!  Thank you all so much for following, it's so nice to know my little blog is of interest to people!  Since I got so many comments about the button fabrics, I decided to make the third prize a 1/2 yard cut of each of them.  They are from Alexander Henry's "Sew Christmas" line, and it comes in a few other colors as well!  You can find some of them here, here or here.  I think I need to add some of those pink and red buttons to the stash.  Be sure to click on the link above to enter if you haven't already!

And you know that project I've been whining about and procraftinating on?  I finally tackled it last night and it was easy-peasy!  I was so excited!  I'm awaiting confirmation/measurements that I made it wide enough, and then I will make two or three more during tonight's Friday Night Sew-In.  I'm not sure how well this thing will translate to pictures, but here goes!

This is a cover for my dad's fishing reels, to protect them during transport to the beach.

The inside is lined with heavy duty canvas, and there is some (spectacularly ugly) fleece sandwiched in between for padding.  There's an elasticized hole for the bottom part of the pole, and the top has a drawstring so it can get up and over the reel before cinching closed.

The wide part of the sword  represents the reel.  What?  I didn't have a fishing pole handy!  Use your imagination.

Pull the cover up over the reel, cinch the cord closed, et voila! Padded, protected reel, ready to travel!

 I made this up entirely and I am really pleased with how it turned out!  And my Dad will be happy to know that I didn't spend any money (OK, well, maybe $1 on the cinches for the drawstring), the fabric was all from stash (So, I guess I spent money on it at some point, but not for THIS in particular).  The canvas was a slipcover that my cats had destroyed, but I cut it into big pieces because it was so much good canvas.  Yay for recycling!

And lastly, here's my Dad's sketch of what he thought would work for these.  Now that I've looked at it several dozen times, I think I might kind of get what he was going for... but a pattern designer he will never be!


  1. Congratulations on hitting 100 followers! Looking forward to the sew-in tonight too.

  2. What an interesting idea for a fisher! You're very creative!

  3. Yea!! What a great milestone!
    I love that idea for the fishing rod. We could really use a couple of those around here!

  4. Wonderful idea for a fishing lover.
    Sometimes the best ideas come from things we want to have, but no one thought of it;)



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