Saturday, February 26, 2011

My New (Old) Etsy Shop!

Yes, it's true, I've thrown my hat into the Etsy ring.  I opened a shop a couple of years ago to sell my hand-embroidered things, mostly baby clothes.  I love embroidery but I had a newborn and the custom work stressed me out- I much prefer to just make stock and put it out there.  

So, a while ago I made these tooth fairy pockets for my nephews.  They're just like the ones my Great Aunt Eunice made for me and my siblings, and I always thought they were just perfect.  They are like small blankets with a pocket, so they're very easy for the tooth fairy to slip out from under a sleeping child's head to replace the tooth with a surprise.  I posted a picture of my nephews' pockets on Facebook and bunches of friends said they wanted some too.  My oldest daughter has lost two teeth now and many of my friends have kids the same age, so I decided to go ahead and make up a few and put them in there and see what happens!  I've sold one so far, and I like not worrying about customs- I just make them up with fabric that I like and hope that someone will come along who likes them too! 

I'd love it if you'd take a look, and if you know someone approaching tooth-losing age, share the link with their tooth fairy!


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