Sunday, December 6, 2009

And the winners are...

Using the trusty old Random Number Generator, I have chosen the three winners! Thank you SO much for all the comments, I will definitely be taking your advice and sharing lots more pictures, tutorials, and detailed information. A number of people said they liked to hear about the "not-so-perfect" projects, and I can DEFINITELY share lots of stories about those!

On to the winners!!! The winning comments were:

10: Coralee of The Angry Turtle wins the black and white FQ set.
259: Greta of Because I Sew So wins the dots and floral set.
130: Lil Bean wins the Lila Tueller set.

Congratulations, winners!!!

And a HUGE thank you to Katydid and Kid for the tutorial on how to number comments! This was my first giveaway and I started manually counting comments and... well, it got old really fast!


  1. :) Wow! First time I've won a giveaway!!Thanks so much!!


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