Friday, February 26, 2010

The Bag Lady

That's what my sewing teacher calls me! I do love making bags- They are useful, you can use funkier fabrics that might be too much to wear but that are too pretty to pass up. And best of all they don't have to FIT anyone!

Here are a couple of my most recent efforts. First is McCall's 6045, view A. I love the size of the bag, and I'm pretty pleased with how the zipper turned out- It's my first bag with a zipper top. The inside has exposed seams that you are supposed to hide with bias binding... I tried and got angry, so I am using it just the way it is, exposed seams and all. And I am OK with that! I also got a little creative with the handle placement.

Second is a pattern that's been in my collection for ages, and it took a reorganization of the fabric stash for me to finally get moving on it! It's the Amy Butler Birdie Sling bag, and I used an Amy Butler print for the body. I LOVE how it turned out though I was shocked at how big it was! I guess I'd have known if I'd looked at the pictures more closely, but I just somehow wasn't expecting such a roomy bag. I love the curved gussets, I don't know why I've never seen that done before! I think I'll be doing that on some of my basic totes, too. I added a button and loop to the top so that things don't topple out when this is rolling around the floor of my car, as all my bags eventually do.

(I should just add an apology for the poor pictures to my default signature.)


  1. That's what my family calls me. Love the bags!

  2. I love making bags too. I usually make clutches 3 in a row but, have to take a break so that it looks like I'm being really productive by cranking out other things.

  3. I just bought that McCall's pattern! I haven't tried it yet. Yours look really great! Glad to have found another sewing blog!


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