Wednesday, June 30, 2010

On my honor, I will do my best...

... To not let myself get too down when multiple sewing projects in a row don't go as planned! Is there a Sewist's Oath? There should be.

I've had a string of less-than-thrilling sewing glitches lately, and I decided I needed a break from those projects. So I made this pillow.

Don't look too closely, it is not without glitches of its own, but I am really happy with it. This pillow is in honor of my husband's grandfather, Norm. When he died in Fall of 2008, he left his home to his daughters, my mother in law and her sister. His home is a lake cabin in a tiny town in northern Wisconsin. He and my husband's grandmother Beth built the house themselves and it holds a lot of memories for my husband and his family.

When he died we began the monumental task of sorting through YEARS of memorabilia, notes, clothing, tools, fishing gear... Among his things we found a pile of old neck kerchiefs. Norm spent much of his career working for the Boy Scouts of America, and these kerchiefs were part of his uniform at camp. I chose four of the most interesting and made this pillow to keep on the couch at Grampie's House. I believe these are from the mid to late 1960s.

It's wonderful to have the cabin in the family, and we go up as often as we can. My daughters absolutely love visiting, and my older daughter has fond memories of singing around the campfire with Grampie. I hope little touches like this will keep Grampie with us when we're there.
4th of July 2008
L to R: My husband holding our younger daughter, Grampie, and my brother in law and niece.


  1. Great job as always Leigh. What a great way to keep a part of your Grampie with you all.

  2. That's such a cool project, Leigh!

  3. That is really nice, Leigh. The actual project and the story behind it....very nice.


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