Friday, June 18, 2010

Skirt Week at Crafter Hours!

Skirt week entries at Crafter Hours end tonight, so like the last-minute gal I am, here's my entry! I decide a while ago (after Top Week at Made by Rae) that I was going to enter the next such challenge. I love looking at all the entries and getting inspired, but it made me sad that I never saw any big girls in the running. Why don't we big girls enter more of these things? For me, a lot of the reason I got into sewing was so that I could get cute, well-made clothes that fit MY body.

So, I have had this skirt in my mind for a while, after seeing this one at Anthropologie. My version is more mommy-friendly, and I must admit, not nearly as cute. But I committed myself to entering, so while there are MUCH cuter skirts in the running, I have to follow through!

My favorite thing about this skirt is that it cost me ZERO dollars! The main fabric is a charcoal double knit that Joyce sent me in a big box of fabric and notions she found while destashing. It was perfect! Stretchy but still firm enough to hold up the weight of the ruffles. The ruffles are cut from worn out t-shirts that would have been destined for Goodwill, but since I started sewing, most things get put in the "restyle" bin instead! The drawstring was from a box of my husband's grandmother's old trims.

Sadly, I do not have any great pictures of this skirt. Some are poorly lit hanging-up photos, and others were taken by my five year old daughter. She has many wonderful skills, but photography is not one of them.

This one just cracked me up. Little Sister wanted to be in the picture, and I think Big Sister wanted to secretly get her newly created stepping stones into the picture.

P.S. Little Sister was NOT naked, she did have a diaper on!

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  1. That skirt turned out great! I'm glad you got use out of that fabric. Love the fact that LS looks naked! =)


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