Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Liebster Award

Awwww! Felicity Quilts gave my blog the Liebster Award!  Isn't she sweet?  The award is intended to recognize smaller blogs (fewer than 300 followers), and is a way to get the word out about blogs you may not have heard of, but are worth checking out. As part of the award I get to nominate a few other "little" blogs I think you should know about!

The first one isn't a sewing blog, I hope it still counts!  My friend Missy just started a blog called Feed the Family, and it's all about, well, feeding the family!  She has great ideas about reusing leftovers, loving your slow cooker, making meal plans and more.  This is a BRAND new blog and only has a handful of posts so far, but I've known Missy for years and I know there is great stuff to come.

My friend Sarah at Sarah Jane Sews isn't a frequent blogger but the things she makes are gorgeous!  She not only sews but knits and cooks and does all sorts of other lovely crafty things, and she's a fellow Wisconsinite.

I have known Joyce of Smudgeville since we were freshmen in college, working together at the food court.  Little did I know she was already crafty then- She knits, crochets and sews... A triple threat.  Everything she makes is gorgeous and my girls and I have been the lucky recipients of many of her creations.

Thank you Felicity!!!


  1. awwww thx darling! you deserve that award- your blog is just so good :P

  2. Oh dear, I went and found another blog! LOL I am going to through it some more.
    I found you through Brown Paper Packages, wbere I seen that you play the Facebook games. I play Farmville, Frontierville, and Cityville. Most of my friends don't play the games and it's hard sometimes to get anywhere when you don't have many neighbors. If you want a new gaming buddy, just shoot me an email.

    I see that you are a Wisconsinite! My sister lives in Cameron.


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