Monday, June 22, 2009

A full weekend, but no sewing...

Well, this blog is called Sleepytime Sewing for a reason, and when my toddler doesn't sleep, Mama doesn't sew! The husband is out of town and we had company all weekend, so all I managed was to get a few more blocks for the quilt along sewn together. I do want to share some things that are on my to do list, however!

My niece was baptized on Saturday, and I'd like to make something for her. I have made myself a promise that I'd give as many handmade gifts as I can this year. I'm thinking about a small quilted wall hanging with her name and the date? But my brother in law and sister in law commented that she received a lot of religious wall hangings (mostly small crosses), so I don't know if another one would be welcome. Any ideas? Maybe a stuffed lamb? I'm not religious so nothing is springing to mind. She's 19 months old, if that helps.

For Father's Day I chipped in with my mom and siblings to get my dad a bike. He wants to start riding his bike to work, so I want to make him an insulated bag that will attach to his handlebars. My mom thinks that's girly, but I don't think so. What do you think?

Lastly, I need to get to work on my CraftHope blankets! You should consider making some too!

That's all for now, thank you, good night!


  1. For your niece- what about a blanket with her name & date of the baptism on it? Or a pillow?

    I think as long as your dad's bag was in manly fabrics (hee hee) it'd be fine! Use that baseball stuff up there... I love that stuff!

  2. A stuffed lamb would be sweet - I do like the pillow idea too. My MiL has made my daughter some things like that - a pillow, a picture quilt, etc. I think even though she's received some wall things already, just having the handmade item especially with her name would be special.

    As for your Dad, a bag like that would be useful! It wouldn't hang too low to snag on the wheel, would it? But I agree with Kristin - use manly fabrics. It'd be a nice gift, I think. And thoughtful!


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