Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A scrappy skirt

I have been an avid babywearer ever since my oldest was born- I love the variety of carriers and all the many many benefits of babywearing. I think collecting baby carriers segued nicely into collecting fabric! And sometimes those two worlds merge together for a new project. I recently bought a pack of fabric scraps from Didymos, a German company that makes gorgeous woven baby carriers. The scraps came from baby wraps as well as some of the other textiles they make.

Today I heard that they are sponsoring a contest for handmade items using Didymos scraps. So I set to work and decided that I'd make a skirt for my oldest, who rarely is worn anymore. I used this tutorial with a few tweaks and came up with this skirt. Allison is sleeping (fitfully, and I'm not happy because I'm hearing croupy coughs) so I don't have an action shot yet, but I think she'll really like it! And I like that it has so many colors that it won't much matter what shirt she wants to wear with it, it will probably match!

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