Monday, June 22, 2009

You know what I hate about summer?

OK, this is a tough one for me! The weekly blog assignment over at The Dressing Room is:

What part of summer can you do without or maybe even HATE? Why?

I have lived in Wisconsin for almost five years now, and for the past two years we've had really long, really hard winters. So every year, when there's a 35 below zero wind chill, I promise myself I will fully enjoy the summer weather, and never ever ever complain about the heat. But then we have a week like this week. A week with 90 degree temperatures, humidity that makes a rain forest seem arid, and mosquitoes so plentiful that my four year old asks if she can keep a few as pets. All of those things I dream of in the dead of winter: the park, the farmers market, leisurely strolls around the neighborhood... all become about as appealing as... well, something really really unappealing. So I grab hold of those lovely days Wisconsinites brag about-- 80 degrees, dry, breezy, sunny... And try to ignore days like the one forecast for tomorrow. 92 degrees and 90 percent humidity. How long until winter?


  1. Ha ha! I do the same thing! Our winters aren't quite as cold, but they are definitely below zero part of the time. :)


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