Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tools for Tuesday

On Tuesdays I'm going to post about tools that have made sewing (or other crafts) easier for me! Today's tool is the Dritz Magnetic Seam Guide. I've seen mention of these on other blogs, and it always seemed like a neat idea but I never remembered to look for one while I'm at the store. I usually have one or both girls with me and for some reason they seem to think Joann is a torture chamber and they lose their minds within minutes of entering. But I digress... I had a rare opportunity to shop ALONE on Sunday and I finally grabbed one of these handy little things.

They are not recommended for computerized machines, but for my 1970s Kenmore, it's perfect! My machine does have the measurement markings cut into the plate, which is great, but since I'm usually sewing in the middle of the night, it sure helps to have that physical guide. It's a lot more reliable than my eyeballs and hands. I already feel like it's made a huge difference in my accuracy and my seams look so much nicer now!

If you don't want to buy one of these, or if you have a computerized machine, you can use a pad of Post-It Notes! I tried this and it worked pretty well, but they lost their stickiness pretty quickly. I bet those newfangled super-duper stick Post-Its would be perfect!

And see that Amy Butler Clay Coriander fabric on the machine? That's my fabulous new Amy Butler Barcelona Skirt! More on that later...


  1. Cannot wait to see your Barc. skirt I love the coriander print in the coourway you chose too,it is so pretty IRL

  2. I *love* my seam guide and can't wait to see your skirt!


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