Friday, June 19, 2009

Old Red Barn Company Quilt Along

Tonight I worked on my quilt for the Old Red Barn Company Quilt Along. I have learned a few things so far- One is that I will never be a top-notch quilter, because I can't make myself care about perfectly matched corners and exact measurements. But I'm happy with my work so far anyway! I decided to do this project with fabric I had on hand, to use some of it up. So while it's not necessarily a color-combination I would have chosen, I am pretty happy with it and I think this will make a nice cozy throw quilt to have around.

Here are the fabrics I chose. The floral that is next to last on the right ended up not being used, I subbed in a plain white instead. It just wasn't quite the right pinks. The stars aren't really either, but oh well!

Here are the blocks all laid out. So far I have 3 rows put together, but no pictures of that yet!

I'm a little behind on the Quiltalong, they are already quilting, but hopefully I can get caught up while I stay inside in the air conditioning, hiding from the nasty humidity!

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