Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I finished the Quilt Top!!!

I did a lot of grumbling while I was putting these blocks together. I decided I was pretty sure I was NOT a quilter, too many straight lines. Cut straight lines, sew straight lines, press straight lines, repeat repeat repeat. And there's MATH involved? No, thank you. But then I finish and I'm so happy with the results that I want to start all over again and do another!

So here is my finished quilt top for the Old Red Barn Quilt Along- Check it out! There's a button over there ---------->

Without further ado, modeled by my lovely assistant/husband (see his fingertips there at the top?), here it is!

It's roughly twin-sized. Now I have to get backing fabric (I'll probably use a sheet) and... *gulp* actually quilt it. That part scares me.

Also, I had some pieces left over, so I made a small blanket for Craft Hope! There's a button for that over there ---------> as well! I love knowing that it will soon be keeping a newborn in an orphanage cozy and warm. Craft Hope is taking donations of handmade blankets, booties and beanies for newborns from now until July 25th.


  1. They are lovely! Everything matches up so well. That's why I don't quilt, no patience! Looks like you've got it!

  2. Great job! I would love to quilt, but probably not till later, I have so many crafts going on at once :)

  3. Looks great Leigh!! You are inspiring me to make a quilt for the new bean my SIL is expecting. :D

  4. Just letting you know who is reading through your blog. That is a great first quilt. It's probably way too late, but using a sheet for quilt backing makes quilting it harder (on you and the machine).


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