Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Little Mermaid

Allison has been very into mermaids lately. It started with Ariel, but thankfully has expanded beyond Disney into a fascination with all things mermaid. I'd been wanting to make her a doll, and I had the Simplicity 2809 pattern. I was getting a little tired of the things I made for her being rejected- She's always appreciative, but rarely chooses to wear the things I make her. So I decided to alter the doll and give it a tail instead of legs, in hopes of winning her over. Is that bribery?

Here she is before stuffing and hair. I was extremely nervous about the hair. I found this tutorial on Crafty Sheep's site. I am SO pleased with how it came out and now I'm really excited to make another one!

And the best part-- Allison is THRILLED with her and has slept with her the last two nights. Yay!


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