Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Vintage Pattern

A few months ago I picked up a stack of vintage kids' clothing patterns at a charity sale. I made one right away and learned that the sizing is very different than today's sizing, even on kid stuff, and I really needed to go by the measurements! So, a couple of years from now my daughter will have a really cute tunic to wear. But I tried again with another pattern, paying attention to measurements this time, and now she's got a really cute sundress she can wear now! I picked up this fabric at a clearance sale/sewing weekend at the Nancy's Notions warehouse and I think it's perfect for this pattern! The pattern is Simplicity 9996, made in 1972.

I think it looks really cute, especially since the pattern was made 33 years before this little model was born! In fact, I recently bought a dress very much like this at Old Navy for her. Funny how things come back around! And since the brick in my house is in the 1970s/Brady Bunch style, I thought this was a perfect spot for her to model the dress.

And unrelated but not worthy of its own post- I finally figured out the satin stitch on my machine! I made a bib for my niece, simply because her first initial was nice and easy to cut out and applique. I definitely need practice, but I'm excited to have this new option for embellishing!


  1. Cute and cute!! Awesome vintage pattern!

  2. She is too adorable! Adn your sewing is getting so good!!!


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